Long ago in an emptySpace, God arose and startedThe chase, between all of Night and all of day and Those heavenly masses that light The way, and so God started it all.Over the night sky was cast an opal,With more splendor than
Rome, or
Constantinople.Over the day was cast citrine,Under who’s rays the birds might preen.Into the sea was cast blue topaz,A stone who’s beauty recalls
Shiraz.Atop the trees were cast glistening emeralds,To catch the rays the sun unfolds.Through the night sky were cast sparkling Diamonds, not square shaped, or pair shaped,But at times like almonds.  Over the years their luster Did fade, that in the light andThat in the shade, but if you lookClosely, and worthy you are, you canStill see the glistening diamond in The North Star.


The Cast Iron Skies Only the strong survive, beneathThe cast iron skies, where dreamsAre made, and meet their demise.Sautéed and created, a delicateDish, or sizzled and fried, a burntOut wish.  The prize to be won,With size untold, or the peril thatReaches from ages old.  I mightOnly say again, only the strong surviveBeneath the cast iron skies.  TheTails and woes of which the sacredOne cries, are all governed and reflectedIn the cast iron skies.  A glance intoEbony, dissolves, becomes mystery, asOne cannot fathom the vastness ofThe skies.  Both land and sea disappearIn mystery, blanketed in the darkness ofThe night sky, as the emptiness reflectedCannot be rejected nor discarded byThe naked human eye.The facility of the week is notOf which we speak, for it is of noBenefit for us to spy, but ponder we will on those things that fulfillThe requisite of strength beneath theSky, for in the great, the small, theMost, the least, the dichotomy evenIn man and beast, we spy one traitIn those victory draws nigh.  Theirs is a Sort of duality that enacts, consciousCausality in the minds of the strongBeneath the sky.  So, in summation itSeems, to win the race or even setThe pace, to overcome and surpassOnes demise, on must seize one’sFate, in the common trait, of theAdaptive duality, found in only theStrong, who survive the cast iron Skies.

     I can honestly say I wouldn’t rather live in any other nation but the US. But we have some serious work to do. This war is killing our people and our economy. There was a time when America was a war time economy. War brought new jobs, and infused the American economy with a steady flow of capital. That time is longs since over… It began with the Spanish American War and Ended some time around The Vietnam Conflict.

      Now we’re in a new era, one in which war is an open wound bleeding our nation of all manner of resources, human, capital, and the like. The US is now a debtor Nation to Mexico…Go figure. The true travesty is that both during and in the wake of such disaster we Americans have allowed ourselves to be manipulated into the great schism between left and right, by the third person omniscient puppeteer that is our government i.e. (The Republican Party for the Past two terms).

     We have been divided on issues that are or should be relative non-issues. Gay Marriage, and Immigration Reform despite there social importance, and controversial natures should fall somewhere slightly lower on the totem pole of our political state when War and Deficit politics are at hand. It’s truly a great step in the direction of justice in which the South African Parliament has voted to legalize same-sex unions, but what does this say about the state of affairs of American politics, when one of the most conservative nations in the free world can see the injustice of sexually discriminatory legislation, and move beyond its religious inclinations to insure a foundation of Liberty, when America has not. 

     The Home Affairs Minister of South Africa Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula told MPs: “In breaking with our past… we need to fight and resist all forms of discrimination and prejudice, including homophobia.” Benjamin Franklin made the following statement in support of the separation of church and state in 1780. “When a religion is good, I conceive that it will support itself; and, when it cannot support itself, and God does not take care to support, so that its professors are obliged to call for the help of the civil power, it is a sign, I apprehend, of its being a bad one.” We cannot afford the luxury of abdicating the throne of our intellects to possibly ill conceived notions of our religious thought all too often taken out of context.

     As a devout Christian and Episcopalian, I find it very interesting that in this book we call the bible and it’s red lettered words that are purported to be the words of Christ (God, God’s self incarnate on earth for 33 years) Jesus never once mentioned Homosexuality, which is fed to us as a truly vile and abominable sin in the eyes of our God. Lets stop trying to put the bible into the constitution. Lest we forget the last time we did, it was a perfect justification for the enslavement of Africans. Let’s keep our eyes on what’s truly important.

     America has some prioritizing to do. Thanks for your time and cooperation in reviewing this posting. I hope it has served as an inspiration of sorts to slack the fear of individuality. Live bold and don’t be afraid to hold your own opinion. Good luck and God’s Peace…

Auxilio ab alto By help from on high.

Br. Maurice D. Ravennah

Dear friends,

A huge dilemma plaques the church today.  The question of whether or not to hold fast to our separatist ways and the Levitical laws or to hold fast to the teachings and the love of Christ.  I visited this dilemma in the context of one of our most pressing and controversial political issues in the research paper titled Questions of Gay Ethics and the Christian Church WWJD?.  Please feel free to click on it for your own review.  Thank you for your time, and I pray that it may serve as a sparkplug for your thoughts and an inspiration for your soul.

Auxilio ab alto By help from on high.

Br. Maurice D. Ravennah


PavementThe pavement slips soSwiftly beneath my everWatchful gaze.  Miles of lifeAnd metered time outstretched In labyrinth maze.  I recallWith every marker the friendsI’ve left behind, the timelessPriceless memories nestled inMy mind.  I remember sanityIn the times we often shared, evenThose when fantasy and dreamsWere had and dared.  We standWithin the precipice of timeOutstretched around, with thisPavement stretched between usOn this strip of narrow ground.So as I approach the medianOne image comes to view, theImage of my future, and the past I spent with you.

Chain Reaction

Chain ReactionIn a dark and desolateSpace a single spark ignitedWith a brilliant burst of Light.  What a lonely sight!Now all of a sudden another beganTo ignite, it joined that singleLight, and now there were two,Then another, and another theirNumbers grew.  Continued theirMasses their numbers flew.  ItAll started with that oneLonely spark, now thatOne lonely spark It starts with you.Imagine for a momentYou give off a smileThat one lonely smile couldSpread for a mile, now youCan cheer for a while,You just put happinessBack in style.

A Call To SilenceI spent a full day speaking,And one thing came to me, manyTruths I did proclaim, butNone proclaimed to me.  I spent A full day walking, and oneThing came to me, I’d walkedTen miles, with each footstepThe next unknown to me.I spent a full day sleeping,And one thing came to me, I’dSlept though every hour, toFind my dreams still binding me.I spent one hour silent,And one thing came to me,Infinity exist each moment,And the journey is for me.