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Jumping Through Hoops

 Welcome to the greatest show on earth,Let your eyes give birth to visions of unfathomable girth.I am the ring leader of this fantastical theatre, my entourageFollows hither and to thereafter, all save my cohort,Counterpart, and mate, for he is my identity and inverse,We are both the mirror and the reverse, we performNever having to rehearse, a show of endless possibility and revelation. On one fine day of circumambulation our universes passed, bringing visions of each other and a partnership meant to last, expect not one blessing without its lesson, andIn this ours is the same, our differences vast,Similarities like, and we knew this before each others names. The watchmaker had set our paths to cross andBring us into view, that we both might live, weBoth might learn, and perhaps create something new.Our likenesses taught us of goods, and evils,Demons and saints did show, in the reflective poolOf eternity through which our hearts did flow.  I learnedThrough him, of my self as he has learned through me.The only fear that rests with me, is when the lesson endsSo might we. 


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